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The world is going through dark ages of history. Obscenity and vulgarity is being propagated in the name of information, freedom and development. To make absurdity sacred and contempt of sanctified, is at full till. Masses are misleading as a result of propaganda that proves lie a truth and insignificant becomes important. Feelings are destroyed in the pretext of sensations.

Moral and religions values are ridiculed in the name of entertainment. It is right time for the just philosophers, and intellectuals to unit to save humanity. They must play their role. Payam Islamic Culture Centre humbly started this work since 2001 at very low level in an effort to share this responsibility.

We found it an effective and fruitful effort. God willing, this will bear fruit but we shall always need your advice. Payam Islamic Culture Centre Desires to propagate truth uphold high religious and moral values, and war against vulgarity and obscenity. Payam believes that freedom is a God given gift and advancement in this direction is need of humanity. The best eternal life after death requires us to share our role in this responsibility in temporal world.

Payam Islamic Culture Centre exists in 2001.

Payam Islamic Culture Centre consist four departments:

  • 1)  Production Department
  • 2)  Dubbing Department
  • 3)  Sales Department
  • 4)  Cable TV Department

1) Production Department

Production Department produces knowledgeable, informative moral teaching & Islamic Cultural programs which are beneficial for our society. Such as Films, Serials, Dramas, Documentaries, Talk Shows Lectures, Dars, Noha, Manqabat, Tarana etc. for TV Channels & Cable TV.

2) Dubbing Department:

Dubbing Department dubs in Urdu language from other languages useful programs Films, Drams, Serials, Documentaries etc. Which are full from Islamic Culture and ethics for TV Channels & Cable TV.

3) Sales Department:

Sales Department has a display centre by the name of Payam Islamic Cultural Centre located in Karachi. In this centre Islamic Movies, Drama Serials, Documentaries, Lectures, Dars, Noha, Manqabat, Tarana etc. In CD’s & DVD’s forms, Islamic & Knowledgeable books, Islamic Gift Items, Frames, Picture, Key chains and Cultural Items are available.

4) Cable TV Department:

Cable TV Department runs a cable network by the name of Family Cable Network (F.C.N) broadcast’s Educational Channels, Religious Channels, Sports Channels, News Channels, Iran’s TV Channels, Iraq’s TV Channels, Lebanon’s TV Channels and Pakistani Entertainment TV Channels (after wards censer) in particular areas by cable to the homes of peoples.

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