• Show Name: Ashbul Kahf (Seven Sleepers) DVD Urdu Dubbed
  • Language: Urdu Dubbed
  • Season: Full Season
  • Episode: 35
  • Size: 8GB
  • Type: DVD PACK / USB / Drive

Ashabul Kahf | Drama | Urdu Dubbed available for free streaming now you can watch online Click Here!

Ashabul Kahf | Drama | Urdu Dubbed | DVD | Seven Sleepers

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Welcome to Payam Islamic Cultural Center! We are dedicated to providing the best in Islamic movies, dramas, series, documentaries, tv shows and more in multiple languages, including Urdu dubbed and Urdu subtitle.

At Payam Islamic Cultural Center, we are proud to be offering the hit historical drama series, Ashabul Kahf Drama, in Urdu. we are pleased to make it available for free streaming and DVD purchase.

Recently, we added the Ashabul Kahf Drama In Urdu Dubbed to our collection. You can watch it for free, or purchase a DVD copy.

Ashabul Kahf History:

Ashabul Kahf is an Islamic drama based on the story of the same name in the Quran. The story is about seven young men who lived in a cave for 300 years and awoke in the modern day. The drama follows their journey as they face challenges of adjusting to the modern world while also trying to remain faithful to their religious beliefs.

The story begins with the men's initial discovery of the cave and the miraculous event that leads them to fall asleep for 300 years. They soon find themselves in a world that is completely foreign to them. With no knowledge of anything beyond the cave, the men must learn to navigate an unfamiliar society while also struggling to keep their faith alive.

The drama follows their journey as they attempt to reconcile their religious beliefs with the rapidly changing world around them. Along the way, they must confront prejudice and persecution, while also learning about the beauty of their faith and the power of Allah.

The story of Ashabul Kahf is one of hope and perseverance as the men strive to remain true to their beliefs in the face of adversity. The drama also serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and how it can help us overcome any challenge we may face.


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