• Show Name: Christ (Prophet Essa A.S) Movie DVD Urdu Dubbed
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Christ | Movie | Urdu Dubbed | DVD

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Welcome to Payam Islamic Cultural Center! We are dedicated to providing the best in Islamic movies, dramas, series, documentaries, tv shows and more in multiple languages, including Urdu dubbed and Urdu subtitle.

At Payam Islamic Cultural Center, we are proud to be offering the hit historical drama series, Christ Movie, in Urdu. we are pleased to make it available for free streaming and DVD purchase.

Recently, we added the Christ Movie In Urdu Dubbed to our collection. You can watch it for free, or purchase a DVD copy.

Christ History:

The Islamic movie Christ, also known as Prophet Essa A.S, is a biographical film about the life of Jesus Christ, the son of God, as told from a Muslim perspective. The film follows the life of Jesus from his birth to his death and resurrection. It is narrated by the angel Gabriel and is based on the Islamic scripture, the Quran.

The movie begins with a look at the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, starting with his mother's miraculous conception. It then follows the events of his life, including his miracles, his teachings, and his journey to Jerusalem. It ends with his death and resurrection.

Throughout the movie, the audience is presented with various aspects of Jesus' life that are relevant to the Islamic faith, such as his teachings about peace and justice, his miracles, and his status as a Prophet of God. In addition, the movie touches on the themes of faith, family, and community.


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