Nishat Khanum herself kept firing guns and pistols till the last moment. She was eventually arrested. Arrested, she went to the slave market, was auctioned off, and was bought for a hundred afghanis. She was taken to Constantinople, the seat of the Ottoman Caliphate and the Turkish government. Here she entered the Haram Sara as a slave and one day did not become the object of Sultan Abdul Hameed II’s favor. Nishat Khanum was the daughter of a Georgian Muslim tribal chief. Beautiful, summons, pre-packer. The stars of the sky used to look down at her beauty and beauty. The moon was shining in front of her beauty and beauty. She was a princess, she was powerful. She roamed the valleys, ambergris in the mountains, but one day her magnificent mansion was attacked by pirates. Loyal and selfless servants and slaves fulfilled the right of fidelity till the last drop of blood.

Game of luck! ….. Many stories based on rumors, conspiracies and lies about the Ottoman Sultan and his harem have been written by the British, not a single word of which is true. Nishat Sultana has written her biography under the name “My Harem Life” which is both interesting, instructive and instructive! This is both a novel and a history! ….. more interesting than the novel and as authentic as history! Nishat Khanum has written a story about the formation of a new government and a new Turkish woman. The book is so interesting that it starts once and ends


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